Our Philosophy
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Our Philosophy

Who is Ms Jannie's Baby?

Janine Breland, named after her grandmother Jannie Smith, is Ms Jannie's Baby.  Jannie spent countless years using and learning how to make homemade beauty elixirs, so the name was a natural fit for the skincare line.

Janine Breland has a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Graduate Certificate in Pharmaceutical Technology, so she is no stranger to the way chemicals react on and inside the body.  She paired her chemistry knowledge with her experience using and making her grandmother's recipes and the rest is history.

"Why put anything on your body that you wouldn't want in your body?  I wanted to create a line that was all-natural; one using organic ingredients.  All of my products have simple recipes and are made with love in small batches, to ensure quality."

Ms Jannie's baby features whipped Shea butter, body wash, oatmeal soap, sugar scrubs, room diffusers, and more.

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